Chicken Pox, Bamboo Clothing and Porridge Oats!!

Well apparently it’s chicken pox season and right on cue my 2 year old son Frankie developed his first spot the day before our launch!

Poor thing – by day 2 he was covered in tiny blisters and had a high temperature – all standard chicken pox symptoms but the worst thing is that there really is very little you can do to help and whats worse is that trying to get a 2 year old child to sit still whilst you apply creams and lotions is of course impossible.

But as we’ve been through the pains of childhood eczema I applied the same principles to chicken pox – we needed to keep him cool and let his skin breath so it was bamboo clothing all the way – he has our largest size bamboo all in one to sleep in and  it was amazing – i’d never really thought about how it could help with a common childhood illness until it was upon us and as we know bamboo is…

  • as soft as cashmere
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • thermo regulating
  • breathable
  • absorbent

Which all means a better nights sleep for everyone and less itching for Frankie – and of course the turn back hands also helped stopped the scratching !

So where do the porridge oats come in?

Well – Frankie wasn’t having any of it when I tried to relieve the itching with calamine but then I heard that porridge oats in a cut of pair of old tights in the bath water worked a treat. With a little bit of scepticism I got a pair my old tights and cut off the legs then put a few handfuls of porridge oats in (not Ready Brek!!) then tied a knot in the top. I then added this to a cool bath and then after it had soaked a bit a milky coloured water started pouring out, the more I squeezed the mushier it got. When Frankie was in the bath I rubbed the porridge bomb gently over his skin, squeezing it and while it was a bit gross it left a layer over his skin which I didn’t rub off. I just patted him dry after his bath. BRILLIANT- really relieved the itching and no screaming thrashing child – even better!

So it’s bamboo clothing and porridge for perfect chicken pox relief and a good nights sleep

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