Desert Island Babies – What would you take?

So – there you are shipwrecked on a gorgeous desert island with your wonderful baby but you can only wish for 5 baby necessities to make your life that little bit easier.

What would you choose?

1. For me it would have to be the following – does a case of red wine count as a baby necessity?! Of course the first thing would have to be a Panda and the Sparrow baby grow – not only something to wear but also 98% UV resistant. With the turn back hand and feet there would only be the head to worry about. Maybe if I took a gift set including the hat I could count it as one item? Maybe that would be cheating!


2. I think a baby carrier or sling would be the next essential item. My favourite was always the Ergo Carrier although recently we’ve discovered a great new brand called Connecta Baby Carriers so I could be swayed.


3. “Z Gel” – this is my families miracle cream – we use it for everything. Mosquito bites, bruises, skin rashes. I imagine it would be great for heat rash and sun burn as well. No family should be without it.


4. Panda and the Sparrow baby blanket – would be great to sit on but also great to hang in the trees to create a little shade or use as a baby hammock as they’re such a great size. And of course great as a swaddle for the baby at night.


5. Washable nappies – with a bamboo liner of course.


What would you take – we’d love to know?

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