Monthly Archives: May 2014

  1. Bamboo UV Protection, Keeping Cool and Bamboo Super Powers

    The sun was out but now gone again – hopefully not for long! However, it did make us start to think about afternoons in the park and picnics with friends But of course with children there is a down side to the sunshine and that

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  2. Inclusion and Representation – models with Downs

    We’ve had a lot of interest recently in our use of models with Downs syndrome on both our website and social media. The models we used in our shoot are all children of friends all of whom we have know since they were born. We loved

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  3. Chicken Pox, Bamboo Clothing and Porridge Oats!!

    Well apparently it’s chicken pox season and right on cue my 2 year old son Frankie developed his first spot the day before our launch! Poor thing – by day 2 he was covered in tiny blisters and had a high temperature – all standard

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